he could have been a poet

1. good city (jason mccrimmon)
2. apistat commander (xiu xiu)
3. dancing on my own (robyn)
4. take ecstasy with me (the magnetic fields)
5. yr million sweetnesses (diane cluck)
6. holocaust (big star)
7. barbara allen (traditional)
8. stone and sticks (holy haunted head)
9. unravel (bjork)
10. running scared (roy orbison)

he could have been a fool

1. i found a reason / then he kissed me (the velvet underground / the crystals)
2. shatter (liz phair)
3. yr woman (white town)
4. a higher power (jens lekman)
5. i was a stranger (smog)
6. silk beetle, this is mine (sarah d.)
7. asking for it (hole)
8. still ill (the smiths)
9. losing a whole year (third eye blind)
10. in grief (shelby sifers)

in my depression, i took comfort in the words of others and made a covers album, or rather, finished one that i started a long time ago. it’s really long because depression depression so i broke it up into a double-album (what?). you can listen to it over here if you want; it’s PWYC but all donations will be going towards the creation of my next record, “the decline of stupid fucking western civilization,” which i plan to release next year.

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If you wundrin where I been…

Eternally sprung

eternally tender

Swatty fags in da house


A typical evening at Chaps


Well I went and did it..


 Allen Ginsberg

I hope my good old asshole holds out
60 years it’s been mostly OK
Tho in Bolivia a fissure operation
survived the altiplano hospital—
a little blood, no polyps, occasionally
a small hemorrhoid
active, eager, receptive to phallus
coke bottle, candle, carrot
banana & fingers—
Now AIDS makes it shy, but still
eager to serve—
out with the dumps, in with the condom’d
orgasmic friend—
still rubbery muscular,
unashamed wide open for joy
But another 20 years who knows,
old folks got troubles everywhere—
necks, prostates, stomachs, joints—
Hope the old hole stays young
till death, relax

March 15, 1986

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Me at the faerie gathering this past weekend



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Am I a siren doe?

Philly First Fridays Ball (May) - BQ Realness Grand Prize

Holla at ya boy boy